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Here are some of our latest applications that can be found now on Autocat+

Ford Focus Crankshaft Sensor

XCS6018 Ford Focus Crankshaft Sensor

Audi A1 ABS Sensors

XBS050, XBS063, XBS187, XBS205 ABS Sensors

Renault Wind Ignition Coil

XIG5001 Renault Wind Ignition Coil

BMW X6 Temperature Sensor

XTS7897 BMW X6 Air Temperature Sensor

Mercedes A Class Oil Level Sensor

XOS8218 Mercedes A Class Oil Level Sensor

Peugeot RCS Coolant Temperature Sensor

XTS7709 Peugeot RCZ Coolant Temperature Sensor

Ford Transit EGR Valve

XEG9050 Ford Transit Connect EGR Valve

Nissan Juke Knock Sensor

XKS6702 Nissan Juke Knock Sensor

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Xevo components are manufactured to original equipment standards and 100% tested to ensure exceptional reliability and performance. We’re so confident in the durability of our components that we offer one of the longest guarantee periods in the aftermarket.

Read our latest TechASSIST bulletins and top up your knowledge of engine sense and control components here.

EGR Valve Issues

EGR Valve Issues

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Do you notice a higher than average EGR valve return rate? Do your customers report symptoms reoccurring prematurely after replacement?In this TechAssist bulletin we look at how the EGR…
Fuel Pump Fitting Advice

Fuel Delivery Modules / Fuel Feed Units

What is a Fuel Delivery Module The fuel delivery module is essentially a combined in tank fuel pump and level sensor. The unit contains a motorised pump, pump controller and…
Blowe Moror Resistors Technical Article

Blower Motor Resistors and Speed Controllers

The heater resistor is also known as the heater blower motor resistor or blower speed controller because it fundamentally controls the fan speed of the interior heater. In this TechASSIST guide…
Fuel Vaporiser Technical Article

Fuel Vaporizers

So what are Fuel Vaporizers? The Fuel Vaporizer is a relatively new component designed to improve the DPF regeneration process and further reduce harmful emissions. DPF regeneration requires extremely high…
Diagnosing Lambda Sensor Issues

Diagnosing Lambda Sensor Issues

Lambda sensors were first fitted to cars in 1977 to improve the efficiency of combustion engines and help to reduce harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide. Lambda sensors operate…
ABS Sensors Technical Article

ABS (Wheel Speed) Sensors

OUR GUIDE TO ABS SENSORS Fundamentally, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) prevents skidding and loss of control under harsh braking. The Anti-lock braking system uses ABS Sensors (also known as…